5 Ways to Monitor your Business Better with AI Powered CCTV Cameras

4 min readMay 20, 2022


Humans have been obsessed with technological advancements since the day we invented the light bulb, but humanity has come a long way since then. Our current interest is AI (Artificial Intelligence), and we can make the best use of this technology to suffice our needs in these changing and ever-evolving times.

Wouldn’t it solve most of our issues if we could see and analyze everything that goes around in our small business every day? What if we tell you it is possible! With AI CCTV cameras, you can monitor your business better, and OurEye is your one-stop solution to achieving that.

This article will answer many questions like how does this technology help you and what possible inputs can you expect from OurEye. Pressing issues like how can monitoring the activities of your customers help you understand their needs better and much more. So, lets get started!

1. Put your Manpower to Better Use!

If all the cameras in your store are monitored by individuals, who will attend to the customers?

Dividing the work between employees in a way that makes them focus on the core aspects of the business like, for instance

· Checking on the customer

· Seeing and analyzing patterns

· Behavioral changes a product incited in the masses

· Checking for theft on the cameras

· Making sure that the check-out counters are hassle free

· Ticking on the schedule box after every cleanliness shift five times a day!

Diverting the job of the marketing expert and the sales person will drastically lower your customer satisfaction and NPS.

This is where AI CCTV cameras can help you monitor your business better, and OurEye.ai can be your one-man army that ticks all the checklists on a daily basis, 24/7, so that every customer leaves with a satisfying experience.

2. Safety Security and Surety!

These smart cameras work with motion detection, person identification, and many other important and useful AI subsets to ensure that the sanctity of your workspace and offices is protected from humans and other threats.

After COVID-19, the world has paused and re-looked at safety and hygiene in all walks of life. This is where OurEye brings with itself its expertise as a virtual employee.

Safety checklists and PPE detections are also something that we provide from our end to help your employees and, by extension, your customers a happy and germ-free public space.

One should not overlook the importance of AI in boosting business security.

3. Get Alerts in an Instant!

Correct approach and technology are critical for businesses and firms to send real-time alerts to the officials, and we can collectively manage catastrophic events before they even occur.

Not every person can guard the premises all the time, and this is where AI-controlled CCTV camera monitoring comes into the picture.

With the on-point, specific and targeted approach, we can send alerts in the retail, security, personal, or any office space system if anything falls out of the checklist created by the AI technology or any other normal behavioral pattern.

OurEye helps businesses to capture these subtleties for better customer satisfaction and better returns. With our expertise, let us help you convert those stares and glances into sales.

4. Strategic Placement of Products

Ever wondered why most stores have an even and targeted arrangement of products? And also, about what effects does the orientation of the retail store have on the potential customers?

Placement is an art, and a lot of thought goes into the spatial arrangement of designing a store.

The major reason to do so is to tap into the customer’s subconscious and provide them with the best complimentary items and products that will fit into their shopping pattern.

AI can teach a lot by tracking the stream of traffic and the volume of potential customers in public spaces.

Because altering a firm’s spatial configuration is not easy, it’s critical for businesses to make sure it’s worthwhile.

Even the tiniest modifications in a business’s layout, such as a supermarket placing more expensive goods in critical positions or modifying the phrasing of its in-store promos, may be swiftly and successfully assessed by AI.

5. Study product-related customer behavior

Studying the time spent by customers in various subsections of the store can tell us a lot about the demand for specific products. Realizing the power of AI CCTV cameras for monitoring customer behavior would be the first way to go about sufficing the customer.

If businesses understand the specific demands of products, they also need to keep track of sold-out products and re-stack them as soon as possible to engage the customer better.

Studying the population pattern around certain “promotion products” can also hint at the common public sentiment about it.

OurEye uses technology that can help businesses understand this basic human behavior and help them promote their items, goods, and products better.




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