AI driven Analytics in Scaling Business
2 min readFeb 21, 2022


While the past couple of years has been hard on businesses due to pandemic, here comes the new year with new opportunities and hope for better outcomes — for you and your business.

You may have set your 2022 business goals, but are you sure it is scaling your business? We believe that the best way to accomplish growth is through real-time data. Utilizing data properly accelerates your business growth and chart a course for lasting success.

With AI-powered technology, Brick & Mortars can now gain complete visibility into their business. Using Powerful platforms like gives an edge over the competition. Our AI-powered technology leverages pre-existing CCTV cameras to gain access to business video feeds and convert them into actual Data that informs on operation compliance customer behavior and gives overall business insights.

How does AI help businesses take informed decisions?

AI procures more effective, accurate, and timely data. Thanks to the Machine’s ability to mimic the human brain, learn and process gigabytes of data per second. Anything a human can do, AI does it faster. Get business insights in seconds right on your dashboard.

Real-time Alerts

Get real-time alerts and everyday insights via SMS/Email if any potential security threat, hazardous situation, or SOP compliance deviations are detected.

Net Promoter Score

Increase your NPS Score by 100%. Get insights on the Customer Satisfaction Index to make your customer journey exceptional and improve customer loyalty.

Visual Data Analytics

Track your company’s progress in Hygiene / Quality / Safety compliances with timely updated metrics. Stay up to date with all metrics through daily reports.

Effective Monitoring.

Highly Customisable Use Cases. monitors effective SOP compliance on the three pillars of business — hygiene, Safety & Quality. With, analyze your business trends, forecast deviations in SOP, and make data-driven business decisions. For ultimate business growth, focusing on the granular components of Hygiene, Safety, and Quality parameters can boost your staff morale, reduce health-related risks, elevate Customer experience and enhance productivity.



OurEye brings cameras to life at workplace using your existing CCTV/IP infrastructure. Make data your star employee & supercharge your operations.

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