AI-Powered Video Analytics is ensuring Safety, Hygiene and Quality in Industries.

Many industries struggle to maintain safety, hygiene, and quality standards in their Standard Operating Procedures. The majority of the post-event study employed video surveillance material. This meant that in the event of an incident, security or law enforcement personnel would watch hours of video to find a suspect or piece together what had happened.

In this day and age, a need for solution to ensure Safety, Hygiene and Quality in Industries is required! offers a thorough framework for simultaneously inspecting multiple sites in your commercial area. Real-Time Video Auditing System from OurEye provides an effective solution that will equip your CCTV Cameras with a powerful AI Algorithm and give quick alerts & insights.

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Security operators can now receive real-time alerts of potential events as they happen in this new era of AI-based video surveillance. This enables them to act quickly and effectively to deter crime or minimize damage.

Here are a few more benefits of how AI video analytics is altering the security scene in addition to real-time alerts:

  • Quicker Search Within Video Footage

Security operators may quickly search through huge volumes of film for a specific event or time period by using AI-powered video analytics. This is made feasible by the application of machine learning, which enables the system to learn and remember things, people, or cars that have previously been identified.

  • Object Recognition

Video surveillance systems with artificial intelligence (AI) can be trained to distinguish particular items, persons, or vehicles. This can be used to recognize potential dangers or intruders, which is helpful for security purposes. For instance, if an AI system has been taught to identify a person’s appearance, it will be able to warn the security operator if it sees someone who resembles someone on a watchlist.

  • 24/7 Real-time Alerts

Security operators can receive real-time alerts at all times using AI-powered video analytics. This is a useful feature since it enables security staff to act quickly and appropriately to deter crime or minimize damage.

An AI-powered video surveillance system, for instance, would be able to promptly warn the security operator if someone entered a prohibited area. The operator would then be able to take the appropriate steps to remedy the problem, such as contacting the individual or assigning security professionals to the spot.

Similar to how an AI-powered video surveillance system would be able to spot a fire before it started and alert the fire service. They would be able to react rapidly as a result, stopping the fire from spreading.

AI video analytics applications in security and safety

Two of the most crucial issues for any person, business, or organization are security and safety. In order to secure people, property, and information, AI video analytics have been widely deployed in security applications.

Takeaways :

The topic of AI video analytics is expanding quickly and has many potential uses. It is being utilized in a wide range of businesses to enhance operations, security, and safety. AI video analytics will probably be employed in more industries and will probably extend even farther in the future, changing how we live and work. monitors effective SOP compliance on the three pillars of business — hygiene, Safety & Quality. For ultimate business growth, focusing on the granular components of Hygiene, Safety, and Quality parameters can boost your staff morale, reduce health-related risks, elevate Customer experience and enhance productivity. With, analyze your business trends, forecast deviations in SOP, and make data-driven business decisions.

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