Behavioral Impact of Surveillance Cameras on Human Beings
4 min readJul 1, 2022


Research shows that an average of 47% of employees would change their behavior if they knew they were being monitored. OurEye’s Virtual Video Auditing System provides a meticulous framework of monitoring multiple sites simultaneously in your business space.

Surveillance doesn’t just improve efficiency but also reduces the risk of loss or vandalism.

If your business is failing to address problems related to workplace productivity, security or safety, it is high time you look out for an efficient solutions like, which will equip your CCTV Cameras with Powerful AI-Algorithm, and sends instant alerts & insights.

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Studies assert that the real or perceived presence of others can be viewed as a social force that influences a person’s emotions, impressions, values, and, ultimately, productivity. Expanding on this logic, monitoring could influence a desired and a pro social behaviour.

Another major use of virtual monitoring would be in industries that are difficult to monitor physically, such as the cement industry which faces a challenge due to the dusty and corrosive environment.

A study conducted by Tomoko Nakamata, Tsuneyuki Abe in Japan in the year 2016, concluded that security cameras are extremely helpful in prevention of littering.

Virtual monitoring is a one stop solution for such industries as it not only helps in maintaining a standard in manufacturing but of safety of the employees.

A lot of industries are completely dependent on how they pitch their products.

A car showroom for example, needs effective monitoring systems that can analyse…

· The average time a customer has to wait before they are approached by a salesman.

· The time a salesman spends on explaining a particular product.

· The average customers a salesman can attend to in a day etc.

Monitoring promotes a better social behaviour in employees and also their conduct in a workspace. Monitoring car showrooms not just acts as a necessary security feature but also nudges employees to do their best while pitching the importance and working of various features to the customers.

It’s also critical to understand customers and their behaviour.

A true salesman needs to convince the buyers of the necessity for a product and how it addresses a problem that they may be experiencing. He must understand the consumer’s point of view as well as the patterns they exhibit in their behaviour.

This can assist salespeople in determining what each customer wants and how much they are willing to pay for it.

These AI surveillance systems can also detect such behavioural patterns and provide organizations with information about their touted customers.

This remote monitoring system is also being widely used in other industries.

The restaurant sector is now transitioning to a new method of operation, cloud kitchens.

As we all know, these kitchens cut expenses significantly and use such monitoring systems to maintain good hygiene and timely services.

However, this has also catered to consumer psychology. Many customers believe that these monitored restaurants are a safer option than traditional ones.

How OurEye can help businesses gain the trust of their customers.

OurEye’s features are 93% effective in action recognition and we analyse 250+ cameras every day.

Companies have found that, with the effective intruder alert system by OurEye, probability of crime was reduced by 2%. OurEye could make it happen in just 3 months of deployment.

OurEye’s services reduced PPE violation in workplaces by a whopping 95%.

With the promise of data security, hygiene and safety detection, workspaces are monitored efficiently by OurEye’s virtual video auditing system.

OurEye tracks SOPs and custom objects/patterns/actions to get as many insights that are possible from cameras.

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