Gear up your Safety Protocols now!

Worldwide, millions of work-related accidents and illnesses are reported every year. Research states that work diseases cause the most number of deaths among workers. Hazardous substances were estimated to cause 651,279 deaths a year. Hence, businesses need to ensure the safety of their employees at the workplace.

The employees should be given the essential safety gear to avoid fatal accidents. By curating a list of safety checklists as per industry standards, you can provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for your employees. Businesses have to keep in mind that healthy employees are less exposed to stress, pain, depression, and fatigue; hence, they will give their best and perform with the right mindset at work.

In the wake of Covid-19, it is crucial to curtail the spread of illness and diseases at the workplace. To make sure that employees follow social distancing rules, wear masks, gloves, and hairnets all the time, companies should appoint a full-time manager. But in order to cut down on cost, companies can hire a Virtual Employee. can be your perfect Virtual Employee who comes to work every day, monitors your Safety Checklist end-to-end, and reports deviations in real-time. can ease the company’s effort in ensuring that all the employees abide by their safety protocols. We leverage your existing CCTV Camera/IP Infrastructure to set up is one of India’s leading Video Analytics providers that detects for deviation and analyzes Meta-Data to gather trends, reports, comparison data, and daily operational run downs. Following are the Safety Checklists we are monitoring at present across industries. All under one roof.

Safety Checklist

Create a safety checklist per your industry standards and share it with us. We will ensure 100% compliance with SOP and report deviations in real-time.

PPE DETECTION ensures your employees’ safety by monitoring if every accessory from the PPE kit is worn.

CCTV TAMPERING detects CCTV tampering and alerts the person in charge within seconds. You will get notified via SMS, Email, and Web Notification.

KOT at Counter

OurEye reduces quality/pilferage issues by ensuring compliance with KOT. With OurEye, understand the factors which leads to Missing items. Certified Awards

Based on the performance of company, they will be awarded. These awards will be considered a great metric to analyze the adherence to safety protocols at workplace.

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OurEye brings cameras to life at workplace using your existing CCTV/IP infrastructure. Make data your star employee & supercharge your operations.