How AI is revolutionizing Hygiene Standards of Cloud Kitchens?
4 min readMay 24, 2022


We have seen the way the world has evolved since the pandemic and how things changed rapidly across Industries. There were mandatory changes that had to be implemented to run businesses smoothly. Some of these changes were revolutionary and have given surprisingly positive results hence they became a norm to adhere to.

One such revolution took place in the Food industry. The pandemic bought the urgency for restaurants and food delivery companies to take a leading role in maintaining the health and hygiene of their customers and people. They controlled the spread of germs through food, service and packaging by ensuring high level Hygiene and Safety checks in place.

AI helped in revolutionizing the hygiene standards of cloud kitchens by using top-notch technology and providing people with a trustworthy data that is reliable and objective.

Many welfare organizations raised awareness about the hygiene standards and practices across the globe and released many public notices and articles. This was done to alarm the public about the seriousness of keeping their environment clean and tidy.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

· Issued additional guidelines to ensure that the business owners maintained a standard of hygiene to keep their shops and businesses running.

· Issued several GHPs (General Hygiene Practices)

· Added other SOPs (standard operating procedures) to control the spread and exposure of harmful viruses to the common public. This, in turn, strengthened the food hygiene and sanitation practices.


· Spread awareness about the importance of hygiene and maintaining a clean environment.

· WHO released a set of rules and recommendations for employees and work places, like restaurants, business parks etc. Preventing and Mitigating COVID-19 at Work- Policy Briefs along with International Labor Organization was released in May 2019.

· Advocated the importance of vaccine.

· Circulated the value and seriousness of hand wash and masks in day-to-day activity.

Even before the pandemic these rules & regulations were in papers, but it was hardly given any importance. But it is not how it works anymore, as people are more concerned about their health and conscious about the ambiance. This is where OurEye helps organizations with AI monitored CCTV cameras and makes sure that the hygiene standards are up to the mark.

Most businesses previously relied upon the standard manual monitoring system where a supervisor would ensure that the standard of hygiene and cleanliness was maintained, but that was a more sporadic approach and not the best option.

Thus, the Virtual Auditor came into existence Via CCTV Video Feeds, it takes care of your operations end-to-end, right from monitoring your business operations to sending alerts when there is a deviation from SOP or when suspicious activity is detected.

It is cloud based — easy to access, monitor, and control, and more reliable than manual monitoring systems.

· These systems also record necessary information, stores critical data, and helps track day-to-day activities.

· An example of what any such system could monitor would be the staff’s use of Safety gears, gloves, aprons, etc., recording their temperature and detecting if they are washing their hands time-to-time.

· In order to get started, all you got to do share your CCTV feeds from existing cameras. Check if your camera is compatible here.

Advantages of AI powered monitoring system

· AI systems have proven to be a lot more cost-effective in the long run. AI doesn’t need replenishments frequently, unlike humans and it does not get distracted which is contrary to human tendencies.

· These systems can also run sophisticated algorithms in the background that can be changed according to the needs of a business.

· For example, the AI can detect if anybody unauthorized tries to enter a chamber or perform a task they aren’t supposed to. This helps build customer trust and helps keep a check on food adulteration and other hygiene issues.

The significant advantage, though, lies in the credibility of these systems.

· AI is completely unbiased but also very effective in monitoring because AI never blinks!

· What makes Virtual Auditor more effective is what it does after it spots a problem, and they come live through CCTV feeds to send warnings to officials in case of deviations and send real-time alerts to the employers along with the footage and other necessary proof.

· Helps in improving accountability.

· Adopting Virtual Auditing technology can reduce the risk of non-compliance and help increase employees’ productivity.

Businesses that have employed such systems have seen not only improvement in their hygiene and safety standards but also noticed that it directly leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction, increases the chances of them recommending these services in their circles, i.e., increases the NPS (net promoter score).

We are transitioning and transcending into a world where the entire world will rely upon data and technology, which will make the data useful; relying on AI to change the hygiene standards of cloud kitchens and understanding its value at the right moment in history would be the first step to a long process ahead of us. This is where OurEye can help you because every major leap starts with a courageous first step!



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