Role of AI in elevating Customer Experience

Customer Experience can make or break a business. It plays a vital role in staying on top of Customer’s mind while making a choice/decision. By providing unparalleled customer experience, companies can stand out from their competition and always play the lead.

Studies show 50% of the customers would switch to a competitor after just one bad experience. In the case of more than one bad experience, that number snowballs to 80%. (Source: Zendesk)

This is where AI becomes incredibly important. One can leverage AI’s intelligent solutions to scale their business. With AI, get Real-time analytics on Customer Satisfaction Index, Customer Behaviour, and Customer Interactions and convert the data into insights in seconds.

Something that makes AI significant is its ability to carry out human-based functions at any time of the day. This helps businesses in minimizing manual errors, free up their resources, and deliver better experiences.

With, AI enabled CCTV monitoring platform, businesses can have access to data on every nuances of customer interactions with the business.

Customer Satisfaction Index

This feature lets you understand how loyal your customers are towards your brand, how likely they are to recommend your brand, and how satisfied they are with the your product/services. You get to analyze your customers’ overall Net Promoter Score with OurEye’s new feature.

Customer Behaviour

With continuous monitoring during work hours, OurEye will gauge data on customers’ most preferred spots/aisle in a retail space, how they engage with the business and their buying behaviour.

Customer Interactions

Research says that 33% of the attended and engaged customers bring more revenue to the business, and 44% visit more often than the unattended customers. Hence, OurEye’s new feature monitors how often employees interact with customers and how often a customer is left alone. Every billing counter, entrance, and exit area is monitored to gauge insights on interactions.



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